6️⃣Transfer MATIC in your in-game Wallet

Follow the instructions bellow if you need to transfer MATIC(s) to your Wallet in the app:

  1. Tap on the "Wallet" at the top right of the application's home screen.

  2. Enter the validation code to access your Wallet.

  3. Tap on the RECEIVE button.

  4. Tap on the COPY ADDRESS button.

  5. Now, connect to your MetaMask and select “Polygon Network”.

  6. Click on the SEND button. Past the address of your in-app Wallet. Enter the amount of MATIC you wish to transfer and click on the NEXT button.

  7. Now you're presented with the estimated gas fees of your transaction. Double check the recipient address and then click on the CONFIRM button.

  8. The MATICs have now been sent to your in-app Wallet.

If you can't see the MATICs in the in-app Wallet yet, please wait a moment. Sometimes it can take a while for a transaction to be validated.

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