🕹️Start with the Discovery Mode

Discovery Mode allows you to explore OYABUN without a cyber-yakuza NFT.

To start with the Discovery Mode you need to:

  1. Create an in-app wallet or import an existing one.

  2. After creating or importing your wallet, you'll see a pop-up offering "Start with Discovery Mode" or "Import NFTs." Choose "Discovery Mode." If you miss it, you can activate Discovery Mode from your settings.

  3. Discovery Mode is now active, and you're ready to play.

To start with Discovery Mode, your in-app wallet must be NFT-free. Once you've transferred an NFT into your in-app wallet, you will automatically switch to NFT gameplay mode.

You can transfer an NFT into your in-app wallet at any point during Discovery Mode. The tokens and rob boxes you've collected will be unlocked a few days after the NFT transfer.

You'll start by:

  • Earning in-app cryptocurrency (OYAB)

  • Finding Rob Boxes during Street Missions

Experience game mechanics such as:

  • Street Missions

  • Fight Missions

  • Level up (up to level 10)

  • Allocating attribute points from leveling up

  • Refilling Fight, Energy, and Juice Bars

  • Equipping/Unequipping an Item at level 10

  • And more..

In Discovery Mode, there are three missions to complete:

  • Reach level 10

  • Equip and use the item in a fight

  • Earn max 300 OYAB

After completing these tasks, to progress further in the game, you must transfer at least one cyber-yakuza NFT into your in-app wallet.

There's a three-day delay from the time a player transfers at least one cyber-yakuza NFT into their in-app wallet to when tokens and rob boxes are unlocked.

The NFT must remain in the wallet during this period to validate the unlocking process for the rob boxes and tokens.

This delay is a part of our anti-cheat policy.

In Discovery Mode:

  • Max OYAB earnings: 300 (subject to future changes).

  • Lower OYAB earning rate compared to NFT gameplay.

  • Transfer a purchased NFT (e.g., from Opensea) to your game wallet to unlock tokens and rob boxes.

The cyber-yakuza and item NFTs used in Discovery Mode are "fake NFTs", non-transferable outside the game and replaced upon importing a "real" cyber-yakuza NFT into your in-app wallet.

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