➡️How do I set up my CYBER-YAKUZA for a FIGHT?

Follow the instructions bellow to set up your cyber-yakuza:

  1. Go to the ARENA.

  2. Once in the ARENA, you have several information about your cyber-yakuza, such as name, rarity, clan, level and XP counters, ID of the NFT, amount of recruits remaining, attributes points, fight energy bar, item slots.

  3. Now you have to select the cyber-yakuza you want to use for the fight and equip it by pressing the item slots. It will open an inventory pop-up and so that you can select an item corresponding to the slot type.

  4. After finalizing the setup of your cyber-yakuza, tap on “FIGHT” to access the PREBATTLE screen.

Pay attention to the set up of your cyber-yakuza, it is an essential element of your fight strategy.

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