0️⃣Download and install the App

You can download the OYABUN application at the following links:

You must then install the application.

If you encounter a problem when opening the application (e.g. some features do not work properly), try to:

  1. Close and restart the app.

  2. Close and restart your phone.

  3. Delete the app and re-download and re-import your wallet.

A seed phrase is given to you when you create a Wallet. It is very important to write down this phrase on a piece of paper and to keep it carefully! Indeed, this phrase will be asked when you will have to reimport your Wallet in the application. For example if you install it on a new phone. If you don't have this seed phrase in your possession, you won't be able to recover the content of your Wallet, which will be lost. Unfortunately, in case you have lost your seed phrase, there is nothing we can do to help you. This phrase is your property and at no time do we have access to it!

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