➡️What are the requirements to validate a STREET-MISSION session?

For each energy spent you must meet the following requirements to validate a Move&Earn session:

  • you must have walked at least 100m.

  • you must have walked at least 100 steps.

  • the distance between your starting point and your finishing point must be at least 50m.

Indicative speed range between 3 and 15 KM/h.

These requirements are part of the anti-cheating mechanisms of the game.

💡 To make a valid walk and turn around when desired, wait until the beginning of a new energy cycle before making the turn. This will ensure that the 50m condition for the walk is respected.

Your phone will need to be adjusted to ensure that the Street-missions are stable.

For more information on thenecessary settings, follow the link below:


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