➡️What benefits do ITEMS give me during the FIGHT & EARN?

Using powerful items will increase the player's chance to win fights. They give you:

1/ Extra points for each item equipped on a cyber-yakuza.

Each item has a different impact in fights. Each item provides a defined number of extra points to the MAIN ATTRIBUTE (Strength, Aggressivity or Instinct) it is linked to.

2/ Extra points for combo.

A combination of specific items (from 3 items) in a specific order can result in a COMBO. This combo will give the cyber-yakuza extra points.

3/ Extra points for clan item category.

Each clan has a type of item for which it has a specific bonus. If your cyber-yakuza is part of this clan, then he will benefit from it when he uses the associated item type.

Clan item categories:

  • Weapons for the DRAGON CLAN

  • Biotech for the ONI CLAN

  • Martial Arts for the LOTUS CLAN

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