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Cyber-yakuza error message

  • No Cyber-Yakuza for move&earn
The wallet is disconnected from the game. Reconnect the wallet to be able to carry out street missions (game seed phrase and email are required).
  • Cyber-Yakuza cannot be used
The Yakuza has just arrived on the player's account and is therefore on cooldown. Currently, a street mission penalty is given the next day. The team is aware of the problem and will fix it soon.
  • An error has occurred, check your internet connection
Follow the instructions mentioned in "Unexpected street mission stoppage". The problem seems to come from the mobile network.
  • Wait until tomorrow to fight with this cyber-yakuza
Your cyber-yakuza is in cooldown because it has just been transferred. You have to wait until tomorrow to be able to do your fights with this cyber-yakuza.